Albert Heijn
Albert Heijn

AH biologic and AH fresh - Albert Heijn enlisted IMA to build brand awareness and create inspirational content around their new product assortment.

Albert Heijn

Influencer Content

To kick start the campaign, influencers created original video and photo content with Albert Heijn products to share with their followers. They created their own recipes and shared beautiful food photography that matched the Albert Heijn brand that also complimented their own aesthetic. This content was shared throughout the influencer's blog and social channels as well as Albert Heijn owned media channels.

Albert Heijn

Community Engagement

Influencer media promotion engaged users to take part in different brand activations. To get the community involved and promote their fresh products, influencers asked their community to create their own #ahlente smoothie. To boost awareness of Albert Heijn's Bio products and the pop-up store, communities were asked to share their favorite #lekkerbio product. Both brand activations delivered incredible results in both the foodie community as well as the mass market.


Hashtag use during both campaigns spread the Albert Heijn message throughout the community as they went viral. Buzz generated from the hashtag has come to 5,500 pieces (and counting) of #lekkerbio or #ahlente content.

Albert Heijn

  • 50leading food influencers
  • 130kcampaign engagements
  • 6Mtotal reach
  • Assets:
    - Consumer product in-store
    - Video & photography
    - E-book