#Eyelovers - Affordable Eyewear brand Eyelove wanted to create a modern, relevant brand image and tap into a new market for their range of accessible eyewear. IMA acted as Eyelove’s creative marketing agency to re-brand, strategize digital activity, implement brand ambassadors and spread the word through monthly PR and events.


Brand Identity & Image

Together, IMA and Eyelove brainstormed a new brand image to create a visual story. A new tone of voice was implemented and a new overall style to widen Eyelove’s brand appeal across ages.

Social Media Strategy & Management

IMA implemented a new social strategy for Eyelove across Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. IMA managed all content updates and promotions that ran on the platforms and optimized for awareness and social growth.


PR and Media

Monthly editorials ran across a variety of fashion-minded media such as MetroMode, Glamour, Marie Claire, ILoveFashionNews, Grazia, Nu Actueel and FashionScene.

The Eyelove Fashion Collection

To celebrate this newfound image and to tap into a new, younger market, IMA and Eyelove launched the Eyelove Fashion Collection with 6 Dutch key influencer ambassadors. Together with Eyelove, the influencers concepted, designed and promoted their very own eyewear mini-collection.


  • 21glasses styles designed by six key brand influencer ambassadors
  • 474posts by the influencers about Eyelove over 7 months
  • 10.8Minfluencer campaign impressions
  • 2Mimpressions served across Dutch media channels
  • 200kengagements with the Eyelove brand
  • 8klikes growth on their Facebook page


Online & Offline Marketing

IMA and Eyelove combined online and offline marketing activities to create a dynamic brand experience. IMA hosted an inspirational trip to Paris, produced brand experience videos in-store, held in store promotional events and displayed billboards across Amsterdam. Online, Eyelove received PR from high traffic media websites, influencer promotion, full social media management and design and production of the Fashion Collection website.