Blog & Academy - HEMA was looking to engage with their customers in a new, authentic and inspiring way. To do this, IMA designed and executed the HEMA blog, influencer content marketing strategy and the HEMA blog academy.


Hema Blog

As a brand extension, the HEMA blog creates a community for customers, inspires them to use products in a different way and drives purchase decisions. It also increases traffic, contributes to SEO and builds up brand associations with the community. All contributors and content is managed in-house by IMA.

Hema Academy

The academy is made up of 1000 up-and-coming bloggers. Each blogger was selected to take part and they attended a blogging workshop event at HEMA headquarters hosted by HEMA and IMA. The academy bloggers gain regular support and guidance by IMA to improve their skills and become the blogger they aspire to.


Hema Influencer Marketing Strategy

IMA paired HEMA up with on-brand influencers with a relevant audience to create content for the HEMA blog and also promote the brand through their own channels. The outreach helped HEMA to bring in high quality new customers. Traffic from the influencers was +55% more engaged than other marketing channels to the blog.


  • 22dedicated brand ambassadors
  • 1000up-and-coming bloggers for HEMA Blog Academy
  • 1Mweekly reach by HEMA.nl
  • 2.5Mdedicated influencer impressions
  • 100monthly posts by the influencers


360ยบ Campaign Management

IMA handles ongoing content creation from the brand ambassadors, content creation from Blog Academy bloggers, additional IMA editorial for the blog, and takes on full management of the custom-built front and back end development of the platform.