Influencer marketing

We are the experts in influencer marketing

Influencer marketing works because people influence people. Today, consumers are choosing to listen to each other over brands. That’s why influencers are so powerful. They are trusted individuals with loyal followings across digital platforms.

Influencers start conversations and make it easier for brands to target their audiences on a big scale. It all comes down to:

influencer-brand match + content strategy = engagement

When an influencer and brand are a natural fit, then the message resonates.

They create authentic content - together - and share it online across social media and other channels. Reaching the right people at the right time to achieve measurable goals:

  • generate brand awareness
  • motivate buying intention
  • drive traffic
  • increase media value
  • Effective social media channels for influencer marketing

  • Instagram icon


    Partner with Instagrammers to create beautiful photo and video content, made trackable by a memorable hashtag. Raise awareness and activate your audience through the world’s most engaging platform.

  • Facebook icon


    Reach and engage a wider audience with advertising, video and livestreaming opportunities on Facebook. Amplify your message and drive traffic through quality content shared by trusted voices.

  • Youtube icon


    Allow vloggers and creators to produce immersive video content for your brand on one of the most powerful search engines. Authentic content will trigger valuable interaction within their online communities.

  • Blog icon


    Bloggers can use their personal platforms to tell the extended story. This rich, long-form content generates interest and can help boost your SEO results.

  • Snapchat icon


    Captivate your consumers with exciting, in-the-moment ‘snaps’. Real-time content will make them feel closer to your brand than ever before.

  • Twitter icon


    Start the conversation and own it with the help of a credible online influencer. This is word-of-mouth but bigger, better and more impactful.