Happy International Women’s day everyone! Today on this special day, we wanted to take the time to celebrate the achievements of our female led agency, reflect on all of the awesome work that we’ve created in 2018 and think about equality in the industry.

Since Maddie Raedts and Emilie Tabor established IMA in 2010, the agency has worked harder year on year and in 2018, we upped our game. We produced bold and ambitious strategies for global clients and created a whooping 128 campaigns with 75 brands. We opened an office in New York, entered new markets and even created our own vodka brand, because, why the hell not?

Influencer marketing has come a long way from the misunderstood marketing tool to the projected $10 billion industry by 2022. IMA has been fortunate enough to learn and grow alongside the industry.

When thinking about gender equality in the marketing industry, the space isn’t exactly equal. Men are twice as likely to be in leadership roles and earn more across almost every sector and role than their female colleagues. The IMA team is therefore something of an anomaly in the industry. Our senior management team are all women and the majority of our departments are also headed up by women.

Diana Alcausin, Senior Designer at IMA notes, “For most of my career I've worked in heavily male dominated industries. It was rare to see a woman in a senior position. Seeing women led teams at IMA has not only helped to reshape my own preconceptions of what female leadership looks like, but it also helps to support the ambitions of younger women in the company”.

So that the industry has a more equal distribution of leaders, we need to ensure that we’re doing all is possible to accelerate gender parity. Championing the next generation of female marketers and encouraging them to develop their leadership skills and voices is essential.

IMA co- founder Emilie Tabor comments “The marketing industry attracts many talented women to the sector, but typically those women aren’t in senior positions. At IMA we really try to defy that, by nurturing our staff so that they are comfortable in leadership positions. We also work in a flat hierarchical system, so that everyone can bring their ideas forward and be a part of decision making processes”.

On International Women’s day 2019, we should be thinking of how to make the marketing industry a more diverse and equal space, supporting female leadership from the ground up. We hope today that you join in the celebrations and think about making a positive difference for women!