Today is World Water Day and this year’s themes are focused on leaving no one behind. Water is a basic human right, something that everyone should have access to.

To raise awareness, we wanted to shine a spotlight on a non-profit charity that we’ve been working with to help to re-green the earth in Kenya and Tanzania. This non profit is Justdiggit, an Amsterdam based non-profit that manages large scale restoration projects, aiming to cool down the earth.

Climate change and overexploitation of the land in these African countries have caused rising temperatures and drying lands, creating extreme droughts and famine in the local communities.

Typically these areas have infrequent and severe rainstorms that fall onto the eroded soil, meaning that the water isn’t absorbed and no new vegetation can grow-and green, blooming vegetation is exactly what’s needed to cool down our planet.

Justdiggit teaches the local people about the importance of landscape restoration and together, they restore this degraded land by harvesting rainwater and implementing re-greening techniques. This means that not only vegetation will flourish, it also increases water sustainability for the locals to drink, cook with and help with agricultural practices.

Since 2016 IMA has been working with Justdiggit to raise awareness for their work. We’ve invited ambassadors from all over the world who have a passion for sustainability and the environment, to help us spread the word about the Justdiggit movement.

Last month, IMA, Justdiggit and 4 influencers travelled to Kenya, to see how the landscape restoration projects were going and to meet the local people to hear how the re-greening has affected their lives.
The influencers got stuck into the project and educated their followers, highlighting the necessity for charities like Justdiggit that are attempting to reverse climate change.

In 2019, we hope that the Justdiggit movement will become even stronger, helping to educate the world about the importance of re-greening the environment, showcasing that it is in fact possible to cool down the earth and positively impact the climate.

If you’d like to find out more about Justdiggit or donate to the cause, you can check out their website here.