IMA honours life and legacy of Joost Nauta

Joost Nauta IMA Founder.jpeg

Our mentor, our founding father.

You discovered our talent, you gave us so many chances and trust.

Together we built everything from scratch. Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Thank you for everything that you have taught us, the trust and chances that you have given us, we will make you proud.

We promise. We will continue building on your legacy.
You are our hero and to many more. With the best at heart and sincere kindness.

Wish we could give you one last big hug and tell you how grateful we are for everything in person. How you have shaped us and so many more people that were lucky enough to cross your path in life.

Sadly this won’t be possible. Life is unfair that way, but somewhere we know, that you know.

Rest in peace our dear friend, you will be missed. Keep chasing freedom & happiness as you were doing so greatly these last months.

PressNathalie Van Kenhove