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An insider’s perspective

by Chiara Magri

Influencers are reshaping how consumers choose products and services; why, how and when to make a purchase. This is increasing the interest of brands that are inviting influencers to collaborate in the creation of personalized product collections. The influencers can then be integrated not only in the marketing strategy, but also in the brand’s product development process.

Benefits for the brand

When partnering with an influencer for a collection development, it is important to keep in mind that they are the expert of their social channels. They know the platforms that work best, the color schemes and words to use in order to generate engagement and most importantly, what their audience likes. There is a wide availability of statistics and data measuring impressions, engagement and clicks. However, there is also a vast number of direct messages that are sent daily to the influencer: a qualitative metric that can help in the creation of a product shaped by the audience needs and preferences. The final result would consequently be the improved brand perception through partner association.

Expert tips

The influential role of the ambassador chosen plays a key role in the collection partnership. However, the brand should consider every aspect of the collaboration very carefully in order to maximize the success of the activation and optimize the return on investment.

Propose an exclusive product

Repurposing an item from an already existing collection and simply reworking the package could be a detrimental choice. It will most likely generate disappointment unless it is made clear that the collaboration with the influencer is to solely personalise the aesthetic look. The product should instead be exclusively available within that influencer collection. It does not need to be out of the ordinary, but it must communicate exclusivity to stimulate a sense of privilege and intimacy with the influencer in owning it.

Create a storyline connecting the influencer to the brand

It is now common practice that influencers endorse or recommend products through their social media. The influencer collection, as it is -often- a larger investment, should therefore stand out. To do so there should be a storyline linking the influencer and the brand: why this product? Why this brand? The answer to these questions is the foundation of the marketing campaign behind the collection. This makes the partnership authentic and organic to the consumers.

Prioritize brand match over number of followers

Obviously, the number of followers on social accounts matters as it facilitates to target a wider pool of potential customers. However, it is relevant to carefully analyse previous and current brand collaborations in order to avoid elements that could shadow the planned activation, lowering the returns. Any element that can help make the brand message resonate with the audience should be identified, as well as the elements that could create contrast and ultimately chose an influencer that has the perfect equilibrium.

Are you ready to plan influencer collections in partnership with your brand?

Partnering with an influencer for creation of a collection needs a well-planned marketing strategy involving the influencer extensively throughout the process. An influencer marketing agency could be very helpful for the development and management of the process, as well as for choosing the perfect influencer. In addition, a ‘classic’ influencer marketing campaign sponsoring the collection could leverage on the power of repetition, incrementing the frequency of exposure and enhancing the purchasing intention.
Influencer collection partnerships are not only an addition to the product line, but they are also an opportunity to attract new audiences, increase sales and, ultimately, enables brands to build on their human and direct-to-consumer approach.

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