Influencer Marketing and Employer Branding

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An insider’s perspective

by Robyn Johnston

People often have prejudiced thoughts when it comes to influencer marketing. This is something I have experienced first hand when trying to explain my job to friends, family or acquaintances at parties. Typical reactions are that I work solely with fashion clients; creating those stereotypical influencer posts that require basal creative or strategic thinking. Often they’re surprised I work with such a variety of clients from tech giants to financial institutions and everything in between. Another shock is that a large proportion of my working day is based around Employer Branding.

If you had asked me what Employer Branding was when I was a recent graduate I’m not sure I could have given you an answer. At that time I was the one trying to brand and sell myself to companies, not the other way round. But after a few years into my professional life I have quickly learned that Employer Branding is an essential element every company needs to invest in to always be one step ahead of the game.

But why is Employer Branding so pivotal to companies? Right now the scales are tipped in favour of candidates, with many of those who are looking to change jobs often have their pick. As a company you want to attract the most talented, dynamic and smart employees and these exact employees are the ones who do the research. As a company it’s your prerogative to place this information right where they search, or better still, right in front of the noses of your target candidate. This is why influencer marketing is the perfect tool for doing just this.

Whilst many companies utilise internal influencers to spread the message, only a few pioneering companies are using valuable external voices to leverage and amplify the benefits they offer. This only works when IMA makes a credible and authentic connection between the influencer and the company, otherwise it just simply wouldn’t work. For example, last year I connected the talented @CodingBlonde to Philips to showcase the innovative technology that was going on behind closed walls in their US office to the wider public and her engaged following. The success of the campaign spoke with results, with her posts showcasing Philips receiving great engagement and ultimately winning a prize at the Employer Brand Management Awards.

Ultimately, a lot of great work is going in the workplace, but it’s a labour getting this information out to the desired people. So perhaps it's the influencer marketing business that needs to experience its’ own Employer Branding rehaul, because it’s the secret gem to broadcasting that crucial info your next talented employee needs to make that application to your company.