Starbucks #RedCups Christmas Influencer Campaign

Starbucks Red Cups Christmas Influencer Marketing Campaign

Who’s feeling nostalgic about Christmas already? 

Over the festive period, IMA teamed with Starbucks, to launch a campaign with their legendary #RedCups. 

The brand released 2 new custom cups for Christmas lovers (a.k.a. everyone), and we used our matchmaking skills to execute a multi-strategy and market approach to raise awareness and let the masses know that finally, red cup season is upon us!

For the campaign, IMA could source creative influencers, who incorporated the colors of the signature cups, to create exclusive social content in their hometowns across Instagram, leaving their followers craving a gingerbread latte (which, by the way, was the most talked about drink during the campaign).

Starbucks could then utilize this beautiful content for their owned social channels, where each local country account could capitalize on the fame of the local influencers with their brand audience.

Discover more of the incredible content from our Starbucks ambassadors; Dimitri Teissier, Pauline Jung, Manuel Miat, Yara Hendriks, Robin Hamersteen, Sofia Ziani, Capucine Goalard,

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