The top 10 influencers of October 2019 that you should keep an eye on


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by Paulina Studniarek

We looked among different channels, reaches, and countries, and we found the most interesting and exciting influencers of this month for you to follow. Check out the list:

1. Jessica Mercedes Kirschner (Poland)


Jessica is one of the top influencers in Poland, loved by big fashion and beauty brands such as Chanel, Lancome, Gucci and many more. She won Glamour’s Women of the Year award twice. She is also the founder of 2 brands. Her other interests, including interior, travel, and beauty, can also be seen throughout her content, where she shares glimpses of her daily life. She has been chosen as one of the top ten influencers of the month as she has been attending many of the fashion shows that have recently taken place, with a buzz surrounding them still lingering. In addition, she could make a great choice for an upcoming high fashion campaign to help boost brand awareness. Instagram: 973K.


2. Kimberley Margarita (Canada)

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Born and raised in Vancouver Island, Canada, Kimberley is a professional makeup artist whose colorful special effects creations make her a standout in the beauty industry. She began experimenting with makeup after being left unable to work due to endometriosis. She enjoys creating makeup looks based around popular film, book and story characters. Her amazing skills and ability to create any character using makeup makes her one of the top 10 of this month. And since Halloween is just around the corner, why not get some inspiration for your upcoming parties? Instagram: 850K; Youtube: 87K Subscribers.


3. Melo Lo (Hong Kong)

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Melo is a style blogger from Hong Kong that is passionate about sharing makeup and beauty tips, styling skills and occasionally sharing travel vlogs. Her vibrant and outhere personality is seen throughout her content in which she reviews products, creates tutorials and is ready to change up her looks. As not all IG and YT accounts from Hong Kong produce great content, Melo is known to make content that people love and stands out from the usual crowd. This is not only because of her creativity but also her overall appearance. For these reasons, has been chosen as part of this month’s top 10 influencers. Instagram: 96K; Youtube: 58K Subscribers.


4. Matt Chu Picchu (United States)

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Matt Chu Picchu is a photographer, storyteller and image-maker from the US. Through his content, he visualizes the whimsical and romantic nature of luxury fashion through more of an editorial perspective. Moreover, with challenging and powerful genderless images, Matt is breaking barriers and positioning himself in the Fashion industry.  As a photographer and image-maker, art runs through his blood and it can be seen throughout his stunning creations. He has been chosen for the top 10 this month because of his unique feed and different outlook. For campaigns looking for something bolder, edgier and perhaps something to do with co-creation, Matt would make a great suggestion. Instagram: 103K.


5. Mama Cax (United States)

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Née Cacsmy Brutus, a.k.a. Mama Cax, is a fashion aficionado dedicated to spreading body positivity for those with disabilities. Although she has a prosthetic leg, it has not stopped her from becoming a model and Instagram sensation. In 2005 she was diagnosed with bone and lung cancer and was told she would have 3 weeks to live. However, she defied the odds and now promotes messages of self-love, persistence and her strongest message is to never give up hope. She has been chosen as a top 10 influencer this month as her inspirational story and fashionable outlook would be a great aspect to look into when choosing an influencer for certain campaigns that are looking to promote a deeper message. Instagram: 183K.


6. AmiAya (Japan)

The music duo composed by the twin sisters Aya & Ami is a big fashion sensation in Japan. They started showing their style at Harajuku fashion street art in Tokyo, and are now known as a global art reference. With their bright pink hair, outhere and vibrant clothing choices and fun-loving personalities, these sisters are a stand out for both the music and fashion industries. They have been highlighted for the top 10 influencers of this month because they need to be on everyone’s radar as they could be a great addition to the next big fashion or music campaign as their following base increases. Instagram: 277K.


7. MccSofia (Brazil)

MccSofia is an African-Brazilian musician whose empowering lyrics surrounding Brazil’s history and aspects of slavery and racial division is inspiring her following around the world. Born and raised in São Paulo, MccSofia has been singing and performing since the age of 12. At a young age, she chose to rap because she believes that it gives her the chance to express herself, tell people how she is feeling and talk about the reality she is living. With her empowering ideas and self-confidence, MccSofia would be a great influencer for a campaign that is looking for someone to share her passion, ideas and promote a positive message. Instagram: 208K.


8. Max & Harvey ( United Kingdom)

These teenage twin brothers are a music duo, whose refreshingly fun and authentic sound has connected with their listeners across the globe. They are called the 'Tik Tok legends' for their unique music content. They have just began participating in X Factor - UK, where they are extremely popular. This duo could be a unique pair to use in a campaign for music or something more creative. In addition, they could be used as ambassadors for a campaign in the future! Look out for their future posts and growing fan base. Instagram: 1M; Tiktok: 5,8M.


9. Esmee Rudolf (The Netherlands)

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Esmee Rudolf is a Dutch fashion and photography lover. Her feed is presented in black and white with a creative touch. She is not the typical fashion influencer but displays her fashion content in ways that explore different elements and contrasts. In addition, her posts always include a touch of art that her audience is a big fan of. She has worked with Fila, Asos and the Student Hotel - Amsterdam. If you need an influencer with a feed not like the rest, for a campaign that needs a creative flair or something that focuses on the colors black and white, Esmee is the influencer for you. Instagram: 52K; Blog:


10. Huajia Beibao Ke 花甲背包客 (China)

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This adorable niche profile is run by two older travelers from China. They have a unique audience of 50+ year-olds. Their profile is endearing and full of humor. This couple is living their best life visiting all corners of the globe, which could be a great addition to a travel campaign, especially if you want to reach an older audience. WIebo fans: 202K.