Top 5 trends in Social Media and Influencer Marketing this month

Influencer Marketing Trends 2019

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by Axelle Lelièvre

In Amsterdam we can have a love-hate relationship with Summer, but fortunately, we are still in high spirits as exciting news is happening on social media platforms and in our influencer ecosystem. Here are this month’s top 5 trends in social media and influencer marketing:

1. Virtual try-on on the rise

A significant number of brands across many industries are beginning to implement Augmented Reality ‘try-on’ in their retail stores, eCommerce sites, apps, and even social channels. After the successful test of Michael Kors on Facebook, MAC Cosmetics has launched an "AR Beauty Try-On" feature on Youtube, partnering with the beauty influencer Roxette Arisa. The beauty brand, in collaboration with Roxette Arisa, is the first company to offer customers the ability to try on different beauty products in real-time during video playback with augmented reality. Thanks to this impressive technology evolution over the last few years, virtual try-on can now be offered to various industries including beauty, eyewear, sportswear, fashion, and luxury. This technology is not solely offering a stronger brand experience, but may also be a sustainable solution to the exponential rise of online purchase return costs. (The U.S. return delivery costs are expected to reach 479 billion U.S. dollars by the end of the year).

2. #VSCOgirl

VSCO girls are everywhere, from Youtube to Tik Tok. These teenagers are recognizable by how they style their lives to be trendy, or basic depending on the viewer, and match a certain aesthetic (the VSCO app one). They are often characterized by what they post on social media. Although the lights have been turned on VSCO in 2017 by Galore Magazine, the global interest for VSCO girls really exploded in 2019 after the first how-to video regarding VSCO girls made by YouTuber Greer Jones went viral. Since June, VSCO sleepover inspiration content flourished on both Instagram and Tik Tok to gather respectively 1.2M and 456.5M content using #VSCOgirl.

3. The 5 food trends to know about

Instagram, Accenture and Canvas 8 have recently surveyed thousands of people in Europe to highlight 5 major ways marketers can appeal to the #foodstagram generation today. The research clearly shows a real interest for more natural, organic and meaningful food and beverage content. The trends emphasise the need for honest connections, as consumers are willing to go on a journey if a brand actively shares its values, through authentic food narratives. Consumers are also leveraging Instagram to educate themselves on sustainable eating habits and are eager to explore new natural or functional eating habits.

4. Hiyaaa

Cowboys are trending! According to Pinterest, people are looking to bring a little more cowboy into their lives as searches are rising for ‘campfire cooking’ (+55% YoY), ‘western boots’ (+90% YoY) and ‘cowboy art’ (+120% YoY). The unexpected revival may be due to the record-breaking rise of “Old Town Road”, which became the longest-running No. 1 song in history, having occupied the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for 19 weeks.

5. Powerful streaming video subscription

While Netflix US subscribers decreased for the first time in eight years, Facebook is about to test the sale of subscriptions to video services that can be viewed inside its ‘Watch video hub’. For a small monthly subscription fee, users should get access to the service’s library of original content through Facebook, as well as the ability to participate in virtual watch parties where they can talk with other viewers. This development is completely aligned with the current community-building goal of the social media platform.