Hilfiger Island



We combined rich influencer content with an interactive digital platform to create a fully integrated experience for consumers to discover the Tommy Hilfiger SS16 eyewear collection.


Tommy Hilfiger Eyewear/Safilo was looking for a way to stand out in the highly competitive global eyewear industry with the launch its SS16 eyewear collection.

Marie von Behrens


Our solution was to build an online community with a selection of leading influencers at its roots. Their authority, reach and brand affinity would enable them to build hype and attract the target audience.

A multimedia initiative centred around inspiring content creation under #WishYouWereHere would initiate a trickle-down effect from these influencers to a wider audience. Generating earned media and ultimately developing an online community.

lindatol-ohhcouture-michellesalasb-miquel marievonbehrens-alexcloset-lovelypepa-erikaboldrin


Influencers who were the perfect match for the brand replaced more traditional fashion models to share the Hilfiger Island story and engage the right audience. This was shared across their blogs and social channels with #WishYouWereHere.


They were at the centre of a fully mobile-responsive interactive platform, complete with content to be explored from a 180° perspective, e-commerce capabilities and a consumer activation.

To maximise its impact, the initiative was also shared on Tommy Hilfiger’s owned platforms and promoted at four in-store events across the globe at which consumers could take part in the activation, making this a 360°, fully integrated project.



The high engagement rate and number of impressions are a clear indicator that this approach to influencer marketing maximises the potential for engagement with content.

The final ROI also illustrates the effect of the extra earned media generated and how valuable this can be to an influencer marketing strategy.

  • 27.4M campaign impressions 
(222% more than the campaign benchmark)
  • 3.4% engagement 
rate (1-3% IMA benchmark)
  • 367 earned posts, 
5x number of agreed posts
  • +422% ROI
  • 682
    complete contest entries
  • Recognised by Awwwards

Noisy May


6 key influencers were selected to co-create a capsule collection with fashion brand Noisy may to bring it closer than ever to its target audience.


Noisy may is a sub-label of Vero Moda made for young, fashionable females aged 15-25.

Its goals were to connect to this hard-to-reach target audience in a refreshing way and in turn, increase its online presence. The target markets were the Netherlands, United Kingdom and Germany.



We selected 6 local influencers from the target markets who embody the brands values to be true ambassadors. Each would design 5 pieces for a capsule collection entitled #noisymayinfluenced.

noisymayinfluenced-designprocess nandaschwarz


The influencers would take their followers along for the ride the whole way, sharing social media content about the design process, a collaborative lookbook production, the launch and the introduction of an interactive, shoppable microsite built especially for the collaboration.



By the end of the first codesign phase, the campaign had already achieved nearly half the KPI for impressions.

The response to the #noisymayinfluenced collection was incredible, and it was immediately picked up by Zalando, ASOS, Wehkamp and other retailers.

The project is a great example of how an experience that is relevant to an influencer’s audience, such as codesigning a collection, can boost earned media value and brand consideration.

  • 4M
    campaign impressions
  • 6.3% engagement 
rate (1-3% IMA benchmark)
  • 183 earned influencer posts

Ports 1961 x Everlast



We collaborated with creative micro-influencers to spread the word about an exclusive capsule collection that would engage a group of consumers with niche interests.


High-end fashion house Ports 1961 developed a capsule collection with leisure and sports brand Everlast.

The task was to engage a niche community of urban streetwear enthusiasts in the U.S. through influencer marketing.



We selected 20 New York based, smaller-scale male influencers with niche expertise in urban streetwear, fitness and hip hop to be gifted the collection.

It was ensured that they were already fans of the brands and would be enthusiastic about creating and sharing earned content.

IMA_ports-everlast_princelifted IMA_ports-everlast_theophilio


The influencers had total freedom in production, resulting in highly creative, authentic and passionate content which tapped into the right trends for the target audience.



The high engagement rate indicates that the selected influencers were an excellent fit for the project. Smaller, niche followings tend to be more engaged and these followers were just that, clearly appreciating the brand collaboration.

  • 335K
    campaign impressions
  • 8.7% engagement 
rate (1-3% IMA benchmark)
  • 58 posts on all channels

TomTom Sports



We teamed up with influencers to raise awareness for a new fitness tracker through word of mouth, and in turn increase top of mind consideration for a new player in the sports world.


TomTom is not typically top-of-mind in sports. With the launch of its Touch fitness tracker that measures body fat and muscle mass percentage and its ‘Get Going’ philosophy, the brand aimed to change the conversation from ‘weight’ to body composition.

Its objectives were to generate credibility through word of mouth by working with influencers and lead to higher levels of consideration for its target audience of men and women aged 25-50 in Europe.



A strategic mixture of over 50 lifestyle and fitness enthusiasts were gifted the Touch fitness tracker and asked to share their personal insights into what activities get them moving.

IMA_tomtom_John_Everydayman IMA_tomtom_Molly-Progresspure


The influencers created unique, engaging photo and video content that showed the Touch in action and revealed insights into what motivates them to get going, whether its discovering new places or the prospect of a delicious breakfast.

They shared this as well as product reviews across their blogs and social channels.



The influencers were happy to post more about the product than agreed upon, indicating their enthusiasm for the brand and initiative. 45 influencers were gifted the Touch tracker and 47% of them shared earned posts on their own accord. The personal stories and video content resonated well with the audience which can be seen in the high engagement rate.

Overall results indicate that the content strategy and influencer selection were spot-on for TomTom and its product.

  • 6.9%
rate (1-3% IMA benchmark)
  • 85 earned influencer posts
  • 292% ROI

Chupa Chups


We enlisted hundreds of influencers in France and Russia to initiate a movement that would position Chupa Chups as the driving force of fun for Generation Z.


Chupa Chups was looking to engage an audience that may have lost touch with the brand - Generation Z. How could it appeal to teenagers who are growing up but still love to have fun?



Influencers have an immense impact on the consumer behaviour of teens as relatable role models. So we developed a strategy that saw different ‘layers’ of influencers interpret the brand’s #ForeverFun philosophy.

2 celebrities, 6 vloggers and 100 community members would share light-hearted content on Facebook, VKontakte, YouTube and Instagram to drive engagement and brand awareness.

chupa-chups-2 chupa-chups-3


Each influencer ‘layer’ was carefully thought out to motivate the sharing of content from the top down - between layers as well as from the audience itself.

The influencers created dynamic content around childhood memories, back to school tips fun and the #ChupaChupsChallenge.

The challenge was launched with a campaign video circulated through paid media and supported by influencer postings, who nominated their friends to join in and so initiate a snowball effect.



The high number of impressions and incredible engagement rates indicate that the concept and media chosen to support it was a great way to connect with and mobilise a younger target audience. They also highlight that Russia is a key market for influencers, as we notice 2-3 times higher levels of engagement there than compared to other countries.

  • 35.5M
    campaign impressions
    27% engagement 
rate (1-3% IMA benchmark)
  • 6.6M
    video views
    9.7% engagement 
rate (1-3% IMA benchmark)



We’ve been working with Diesel since 2013 to help them speak to their audience in a way that resonated through a new generation of global ambassadors - the #DieselPeople.


Diesel is a lifestyle brand with iconic roots in the apparel industry, known for breaking the mould.

We knew how important it would be to speak to the modern Diesel audience by means of consumers they trust. So over the years we built a network of ambassadors - perfect matches for the brand’s edgy characteristics - to share their stories in collaboration with the brand.



Initially a year’s plan, the strategy worked season by season. IMA selected leading influencers who were in sync with the unique characteristics of Diesel to interpret the brand in their own way and communicate this to their dedicated followings.

They created and shared impactful brand stories in line with the brand’s marketing calendar that focused on key moments such as new season and product releases.

At the end of a season, IMA analysed campaign results and influencer data to determine new KPI’s for the next phase, as well as creative concepts for the influencer content.

diesel-3 diesel-4 diesel-5 diesel-6


With each season’s success, influencer marketing became a core aspect of Diesel’s marketing strategy. Our strategies activated millions of consumers to feel closer to the brand through its ecosystem of more than 100 international influencers: the #DieselPeople.

  • 100+
  • 400+ posts
  • 2M+
  • 5.5% average engagement rate (benchmark 1-3%)
  • 42M

Albert Heijn
- Account case -


We helped our long-term partner, supermarket giant Albert Heijn, integrate influencer marketing into its strategy to boost retail initiatives and brand love.


Albert Heijn is a market leader with a big target audience who are becoming harder to reach as media consumption behaviour changes.

How could the brand resonate with its customers and give them a reason to be loyal when they would rather trust recommendations from individuals over brands?

ah 2


We developed a brand ambassador program from the ground up that combines digital and physical elements to provide a relevant way of communicating with customers.

This was aligned with Albert Heijn’s marketing calendar, to focus on key moments such as new product releases, special offers and season holidays and execute strategies that leveraged the power of expert influencers to activate millions.

ah-3 ah-4


We made sure that the influencers selected for the partnership were already customers of the brand and had a great relationships with their following. Not to mention their expertise in various areas, such as food, fashion, lifestyle, sport and more to reach a wide range of audiences.

They took part in various campaigns throughout the year to inform and engage customers about Albert Heijn’s initiatives. They not only incorporated photo and video content, however they also took part in physical store appearances and in-store cooking demonstrations, and even had their recipes printed in-store.


We bridged the gap between digital and physical to create an ecosystem of Albert Heijn influencers that were optimised following every campaign to find true ambassadors.


As a result of our partnership, influencers are now a core part of Albert Heijn’s marketing funnel. Our strategies activated millions of shoppers to create an online community that is still growing today. The collaboration is a great example of how influencer marketing can help impact the customer journey at all points - from consideration, to evaluation, to conversion and back again.

  • 16
    total campaigns
  • 58 total influencers
  • 23.4M
    total impressions
  • 2.5% engagement 
rate (1-3% IMA benchmark)



We created a new community of powerful young women to celebrate the relaunch of YSL Beauté’s Black Opium fragrance.


Yves Saint Laurent Beauté was looking to target an audience of young women in the Benelux countries with the re-launch of its Black Opium fragrance.

The challenge was to do so by building a community that would create both offline and online awareness.



Our solution was to put leading influencers at the roots of an online community. Their authority, reach and brand affinity would enable them to build hype and attract the target audience.

A multimedia initiative centred around inspiring content creation under #YSLBlackOpiumExperience would initiate a trickle-down effect from these influencers to a wider audience. Generating earned media and ultimately developing an online community.



It started with 15 leading influencers from NL and BE that were perfectly matched to the brand, product and target audience. We sent them VIP invites to an official product launch party and exclusive dinner.


They posted eye-catching social content of the invites and the dinner using #YSLBlackOpiumExperience.

This stimulated another 55 influencers, who also received party invitations, to post using the hashtag and expand the community.

A consumer activation accelerated the earned media ‘snowball effect’. The 15 core influencers asked their followers to share their Black Opium looks using the hashtag for a chance to join them at the launch party.



We generated a huge buzz on Instagram, Facebook and blogs as indicated by the high number of earned media posts. Their value amounted to 2.3 times higher than the paid amount invested in the 15 influencers.

In the same month of the initiative, the fragrance achieved its best market position to date. the following month saw a 35% increase in stock for one of YSL Beauté’s main retailers.

We provided YSL Beauté with a custom audience that will continue to be developed in 2016 as part of an ongoing relationship between IMA and YSL Beauté.

  • 12.3M
    campaigns impressions
  • 50K increase followers 
@YSLbeauty instagram
  • 347 earned posts, 
8x number of agreed posts
  • 69% of campaign total reach can be attributed to earned media
  • +492% ROI

#ImPerfect #Us2

Esprit made a statement with influencers to drive engagement with the brand and support its FW16 fashion collection, elevating it beyond the traditional to facilitate a deeper connection with its audience.


As part of its brand refresh, Esprit was looking to use influencer marketing to 
re-engage its existing audience and simultaneously reach a new audience.

Its existing #ImPerfect campaign celebrates the beauty of real people and individual style as a unique form of self-expression.

The challenge was to heighten this campaign in a way that their audience could really relate to, increasing brand awareness and product buzz.



We devised a 4-phase strategy that combined offline experiences, productions, social content and a mix of leading and upcoming influencers who are the ideal Esprit ambassadors to tell the brand’s story in an authentic way.



The campaign was headed by two leading influencers to keep content quality high, with 15 smaller, fast-growing influencers working alongside them in other phases to drive high levels of engagement.

IMA_esprit_Gala-Gonzalez_roadtrip2 IMA_esprit_Gala-Gonzalez-and-Miguel-Carrizo-2

Road trip production:

Miguel Carrizo and Gala Gonzalez starred in a modern audiovisual retelling of Esprit’s heritage - being sold out of the back of a van - whilst building on the #ImPerfect #Us2 concept which highlights celebrating our real selves with a loved one.

IMA_esprit_lookbook_Gwilym-Pugh IMA_esprit_lookbook_Melina-Martin IMA_esprit_lookbook_Giaro-Giarratana IMA_esprit_lookbook_Jill-Megan-Kortleve

SS17 lookbook:

An alternative approach was taken to the brand lookbook as influencers took charge to tailor it to exactly what the audience want. They selected the pieces that suit their individual style, bringing the collection to life an an authentic way. The final images were also deliberately ‘imperfect’ to emphasise the importance of real people.


Housewarming event:

The road trip ended with with a ‘housewarming’ event in an Amsterdam loft for all participating influencers to nurture the brand-influencer relationships and encourage further content creation. Attendees were invited to enjoy breakfast, a trip along the canals and a personal styling session using the Esprit FW16 collection.

FW16 Key Looks:

The influencers captured their relationships with their loved ones in line with the #Us2 concept whilst wearing Esprit and shared this with their followers.

IMA_esprit_lookbook_Melina-Martin-2 collage_instagram


The large campaign reach, number of earned posts and engagement rate indicate that IMA selected the right influencers to participate in the collaboration and developed a fruitful strategy.

In particular, those with highly active, global followings. The speed at which these grew over the campaign period accounts for the number of impressions that was double the original KPI.

The audience feedback was highly positive and ranged from enthusiastic comments about the Esprit products to being pleasantly surprised about the brand’s fresh approach

  • 19.8M
  • 4% engagement 
rate (1-3% IMA benchmark)
  • 290
    earned posts